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From Lehi to Moroni and Jerusalem to Cumorah
Wednesday, March 20
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Starting with Lehi in Jerusalem we will discuss the Book of Mormon People and Events in relation to geography and chronology.  Our purpose will be to become familiar with the Who, the What, the Where and the When of the teachings of Jesus Christ in this 3rd witness.  By so doing, our understanding of the principles and the true doctrine concerning those principles will be understood in the entire context of the Book of Mormon.   Our retention of specific scriptures and our ability to share our faith using the Book of Mormon will be increased.  Our knowledge of the Book will increase, which in turn will increase our faith.  It's all about increasing something!




All Class members are specifically asked to come prepared to share those insights and questions of areas of the Book of Mormon that we seem to nod our heads at in class verses actually discussing.  For example:  What is it about Isaiah that is so important to Nephi that he would spend so much time, space, and effort in the writing of the small plates?  And, of course, the next question would be: What are the small plates compared to the Large Plates, Brass Plates, Mormon's Plates, 24 Gold Plates, Moroni's Plates and let's not forget "the Sealed Plates'?  Another question might be concerning the purpose of the War chapters. (Alma 43 - 63).   We will move in the time given us chronologically.  Please come prepared to ask questions and give insights at the appropriate time of our discussion.  We will start with Jerusalem and King Zedekiah  600 B.C..

I am Randy Hayes.  I have been teaching on the Religion Faculty at Ricks College / BYU-Idaho since 1987.  I am grateful for the very many experiences this has brought to me on campus in Rexburg and all over the world.   I love my family deeply.  They include my wife Laura, our 9 children and 5 children-in-law, and now expecting our 12th grandchild.

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Val Carpenter
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Steve Davis
Date & Location
Date: 3/20/2013
Time: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM