BYU-Idaho has a growing student and alumni network to help you with your academic and professional goals. The primary tools to help you are BYUI Connect and the university's official groups on LinkedIn. When networking, it is helpful to consult our successful alumni volunteers; BYU-Idaho AmbassadorsAlumni Mentors, and BYU-Idaho LinkedIn Super Connectors.  To find and connect with BYU-Idaho Mentors use the "Find Alumni" search tool on BYUI Connect.

Below are some quick references to help you build your network:

Primary Principles for Networking
LinkedIn for Grads Videos

Top Networking Tips

  1. Complete your BYUI Connect, LinkedIn and profiles.
  2. Join and be active in LinkedIn Groups.
  3. Build your personal network on LinkedIn.
  4. Participate in discussions.
  5. Use advanced search tools on LinkedIn and BYUIConnect.
  6. Promote your blog or website on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  7. Be professional.
  8. Include your LinkedIn public profile everywhere.
  9. Be considerate of your networking connections and BYU-Idaho Mentor's time.
  10. Express your sincere gratitude and do so quickly.