Why add Super Connectors? Because LinkedIn is only as powerful as the size of your extended network.

To connect with a Super Connector, just click on each name and you will be redirected to their LinkedIn profile where you can request a connection.  We have indicated if the alumnus is also a BYU-Idaho Ambassador or Mentor.  Please mention you are BYU-Idaho student or alumnus and indicate you are either a classmate or a friend.

While you are welcome to connect with any and all of these super connectors, we recommend you begin with alumni networking specialists Steve Davis, Val Carpenterand Robert Sullivan of BYU-Idaho as well as Scott Greenhalgh of BYU.

BYU-Idaho Alumni LinkedIn Super Connectors 
 LinkedIn Industry Name 
SC = Super Connector
A = BYUI Ambassador
M = BYUI Alumni Mentor
 Accounting  Stephen Balija SC 
 Accounting  Timothy Bradford SC  A  M  
 Accounting   Brandon Caywood SC     
 Accounting  Joshua Coffin SC     
 Accounting  Preston Davison SC     
 Accounting  Cameron DeWitt SC     
 Accounting  Kyle Harris SC     
 Accounting  Matthew Hill SC     
 Accounting  William Hillebrand SC     
 Accounting  Aaron C. Larsen SC      
 Accounting  Ian Lindsey SC   M 
 Accounting  Jordyn Parry SC     
 Accounting  Travis Shreeve SC
 Accounting  Ryan Stratford SC     
 Accounting  John Wilson SC   A M 
 Airlines/Aviation  Jacob Erlick SC    M 
 Airlines/Aviation  Scott Sorensen SC    M 
 Airlines/Aviation  Curtis LaClaire SC    M 
 Airlines/Aviation  Beverly Lee SC     
 Aviation and Aerospace  Richard Hovel SC    
 Apparel & Fashion  Brad Staples SC
 Automotive  Renee Stuart SC    
 Banking  Jerry Carlson SC    
 Banking  Jared Dance SC     
 Banking  Jamie Hardy SC    
 Banking  Caroline Welty SC    
 Banking  Mac Wrigley SC   M 
 Biotechnology  Dallin Anderson SC    
 Broadcast Media  Russell Six SC    
 Building Materials  Danny Small SC    
 Business Supplies and Equipment  Steve Moon SC    
 Computer and Network Security  Jeff Gawrys SC    
 Computer Games  Benjamin Eccles SC     
 Computer Hardware  Ben Hendrick SC    
 Computer Software  Jacob Alverson SC     
 Computer Software  Jason Averill SC    M 
 Computer Software  Brandon Briggs SC    M 
 Computer Software  John Broadbent SC    
 Computer Software  Ryan Dunn SC     
 Computer Software  Jacob Holman SC
 Computer Software  Nathan Gibb SC     
 Computer Software  Jacob Orton SC    
 Computer Software  Neil Minetto SC     
 Computer Software  David Norton SC     
 Computer Software  Jeffrey Nye SC     
 Computer Software  Steve Phelps SC     
 Computer Software  Joshua Ray SC    M 
 Computer Software  Hyrum Steed SC     
 Computer Software  Shirley Vincent SC     
 Construction  Aaron Antis SC     
 Construction   Norm Avery SC     
 Construction  Darren Roos SC     
 Construction  Michael Sessions SC     
 Consumer Electronics  Kyle Walker SC     
 Consumer Goods  Jeff Boag  SC     
 Consumer Goods  Tyler Jorgenson SC     
 Consumer Goods  Ryan J. Williams; SPHR SC    M 
 Consumer Services  Terrel Transtrum SC     
 Defense and Space  Vince Arraya SC     
 Defense and Space  Cody Johnson SC     
 Defense and Space  Allen Shisler SC     
 E-Learning   Kenneth Frei SC     
 Education Management  Michael Cornell SC    M 
 Education Management  Nick Disney, MBA SC     
 Education Management  Stuart Finnigan SC    M 
 Education Management  James Gordon SC  A  M
 Education Management  Mark Nygren SC     
 Education Management  Kevin Sanderson SC    M 
 Education Management  Norm Smallwood SC     
 Education Management  Derek Sparks SC     
 Entertainment  Chris Davis SC
 Environmental Services  Joseph Isaksen SC     
 Environmental Services  Brian J. Pierce, Jr. SC  A  M  
 Event Services
 *Stephanie Zundel SC     
 Executive Office  Ray Langhaim SC     
 Facilities Services  John Kelley SC    M  
 Farming  Kerry Buxton SC    M 
 Financial Services  Jeff Bettinger SC    M
 Financial Services  Cliff Brown SC     
 Financial Services  Clinton Brown SC     
 Financial Services  Briar Carlisle SC
 Financial Services  Karri Deschine SC     
 Financial Services  Yael R. Guinzberg SC    M  
 Financial Services  Kassie Haynes SC     
 Financial Services  Joseph Kaluba SC    
 Financial Services  Mason McCellan SC     
 Financial Services  Christopher Miles SC     
 Financial Services  Paul Mosley SC  A  M 
 Financial Services  Shazer Munoz Reyes SC    M 
 Financial Services  Mitchell Murphy SC     
 Financial Services  Kate O' Leary SC     
 Financial Services  Reinan Lima SC    
 Financial Services  Jake Thompson SC     
 Financial Services  Tiago Vidigal SC      
 Financial Services  Randy Wardwell SC     
 Financial Services  Jeff Watts SC 
A   M
 Food and Beverages  John Horne SC     
 Food Production  Andy Burningham SC    M 
 Fund Raising  John Tanner SC     
 Government Administration  Craig Howe SC     
 Government Relations  Robert Dudley SC    M 
 Graphic Design  Derek Cooper SC     
 Graphic Design  Alan Dennis SC    M 
 Graphic Design  Bret Parrish SC     
 Graphic Design  Brad Sant SC     
 Health, Wellness, and Fitness  Sheri Gallagher SC     
 Higher Education  Val Carpenter (Alumni Officer) SC A  M 
 Higher Education  Steve Davis (Alumni Director) SC  A  M 
 Higher Education  Tony Derricott SC  A  M 
 Higher Education  Jason Scott Earl SC     
 Higher Education  Kory Godfrey      
 Higher Education
 Scott Greenhalgh (Manager of 
 Alumni Career Services at BYU)
 Higher Education  Kenneth Larsen SC     
 Higher Education  Bret Mitchell SC  A  M 
 Higher Education  Jason Ratliff SC     
 Higher Education  Seth Saunders SC  A  M 
 Higher Education  Barbara Thompson SC    M 
 Higher Education  Debra Willis SC  A
 Hospital and Health Care  Fiat Vongpunsawad SC     
 Hospital and Health Care  Kayla R. Green SC
 Hospital and Health Care  Forrrest Hammeren II SC     
 Hospital and Health Care  Spencer Hargett SC     
 Hospital and Health Care  Scott Kunz SC
 Hospital and Health Care  Bryon Mecham SC     
 Hospital and Health Care  Spencer Michael SC     
 Hospital and Health Care  Jaquelynne Sanuy SC     
 Hospital and Health Care  Samuel Smith SC     
 Hospital and Health Care  Beth Vanderwalker BSN, MBA SC    M 
 Hospital and Health Care  Logan Ward SC    M 
 Hospital and Health Care  Landon Welch  SC     
 Hospitality  Christopher Bishop SC     
 Hospitality  Pepper Dombroski SC     
 Hospitality  John Merrifield SC
 Hospitality  Brian Ricks SC     
 Hospitality  Mark Rosendahl SC    M 
 Human Resources  Rich Andelin SC     
 Human Resources  Zachary Athans SC     
 Human Resources  Brett Carlson SC    M 
 Human Resources  Tracee Comstock SC    
 Human Resources  Skyler Fielding SC
 Human Resources  Camren Harris SC     
 Human Resources  Michael Horning SC     
 Human Resources  Aaron Gaudin SC
 Human Resources  Brittany Loveland SC    
 Human Resources  Jason Osborn SC    M 
 Human Resources  Sean Morrison SC     
 Human Resources  Chris Parrett  SC     
 Human Resources  Rodrigo Stabio SC     
 Human Resources  Trapper Yates SC
 Human Resources  Michael Watkins SC     
 Information Services  Kim Flynn SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Robert Ahlstrom SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Jeri Briggs SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Matthew Randall Briggs SC  A  M 
 Information Technology and Services  Matt Cheek SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Russell Cheney SC    
 Information Technology and Services  Marlene Clayton SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Robert Clines SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Doug Crummey SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Leah Davis SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Jim Fry SC      
 Information Technology and Services  Christopher Hemming SC  A  M 
 Information Technology and Services  Kendall Matson SC      
 Information Technology and Services  Levi McPherson SC    M 
 Information Technology and Services  KW Norris SC    M 
 Information Technology and Services  Breck Rice SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Jerry Rogers SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Jeremy Sherwood SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Chris Taylor, CPA SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Justin "Smitty" Smith SC     
 Information Technology and Services  Scott Toolson SC    M 
 Information Technology and Services  Troy Tuckett, PMP SC    M 
 Insurance  Tim Davis SC     
 Insurance  Jonathan Maughan SC
 Insurance  Jared Stokes SC  A  M
 Insurance  Jared Ullrich SC  A
 International Affairs  David Evertsen SC     
 International Trade and Development  Matthew Wittwer SC     
 Internet  Jaren Angerbauer SC     
 Internet  E. Dean Bowen, Jr. SC     
 Internet  Ash Buckles SC     
 Internet   Matthew Kolar SC   M 
 Internet  Jeff Neeley SC    M
 Internet  Joel Oleson SC
 Internet  Russell Page SC  A  M
 Internet  Joshua Steimle SC     
 Internet  Chris Wright SC    M 
 Investment Banking  James Clarke SC     
 Investment Management  Kyle Oakley SC     
 Law Practice   K. Eric Adair SC    M 
 Law Practice  J. Mark Avery SC     
 Law Practice  Ethan Blevins  SC    
 Law Practice  Scott Cleere SC     
 Law Practice  J. Quincy Stott SC  A  M 
 Law Practice  Tayler Tibbitts SC    M 
 Legal Services  Mark Matthews SC    M
 Logistics and Supply Chain  Marc LeFevre SC A  M 
 Logistics and Supply Chain  Micah Roberts SC     
 Logistics and Supply Chain  Jacob Youngberg SC     
 Management Consulting  Maija-Lisa N. Adams SC    
 Management Consulting  Nathan Bastian SC     
 Management Consulting  Edgar Cheney SC   A M 
 Management Consulting  Elliott Dennis SC     
 Management Consulting  Jeremy Erb SC    M  
 Management Consulting  Justin Hyde SC     
 Management Consulting  Jon Jacobs SC
 Management Consulting  Wendy Jones SC     
 Management Consulting  *Landon Kenworthy SC     
 Management Consulting  Todd Lovejoy SC     
 Management Consulting  Bryan Magleby SC
 Management Consulting  DeAnna Murphy SC
 Management Consulting  Patrick Poyfair SC     
 Management Consulting  Tray Thomas SC     
 Management Consulting  Robert D. Watkins SC     
 Market Research  Vaughn Mordecai SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Danno Ard SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Robert Barrett SC    
 Marketing and Advertising  Darrin Caldwell SC    M
 Marketing and Advertising  Christine Campbell SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Deb Clawson SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Robin Char SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  John Dye SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Nathan Farner SC     
 Marketing and Advertising   Bob Golding SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Devin Hale SC
 Marketing and Advertising  Ryan Jenkins SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Jade Koyle SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Aaron Lauper SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Darren Litchfield SC    M 
 Marketing and Advertising  Tyler Minetto SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Ryan S. Nickel SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Chathum Nielsen SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Joel Nielson SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Mark Richardson SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Justin Stoddart SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Robert Sullivan (Alumni Officer) SC  A  M 
 Marketing and Advertising  David Warren SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  Michael Webb SC     
 Marketing and Advertising  James Zolman SC     
 Mechanical Engineering  Bill Evans SC      
 Medical Devices  Blake Garside SC    M 
 Medical Devices  Joseph Storer SC     
 Motion Pictures and Film  Andrew Baker SC
 Nonprofit Organization Management  Elizabeth Bushman Andrus SC     
 Nonprofit Organization Management  Ronnie Daniel; CFRE SC    M 
 Nonprofit Organization Management  Wayne Goodworth SC    M 
 Nonprofit Organization Management  Michael Moore SC    M 
 Oil and Energy  Daniel Feinauer SC     
 Oil and Energy  Roger Johnson SC    M 
 Online Media  Nick Greer SC  A  M  
 Outsourcing/Offshoring  Brigham Tomco SC    M 
 Professional Training and Coaching   Chris Allen
 Professional Training and Coaching  Christophe Carson, MBA SC     
 Professional Training and Coaching  Gemini Jarvis SC  A  M 
 Professional Training and Coaching  Nate Ritchie SC
 Professional Training and Coaching  Stephen Schraedel SC
 Public Policy  Paul Larsen, AICP SC     
 Public Relations and Communications  Bonita Burton SC     
 Public Relations and Communications  Charlie Cottrell SC     
 Public Relations and Communications  Matthew Davis SC    M 
 Public Relations and Communications  Ober Delgado  SC     
 Public Relations and Communications  Ammon Fife SC  A  M 
 Public Relations and Communications  Amber Henrie SC
 Public Relations and Communications  Mike Hopkins SC     
 Public Relations and Communications  Jason Lucas SC     
 Public Relations and Communications   Zachary Lee SC     
 Public Relations and Communications  Alyssa Mercier SC     
 Public Relations and Communications  Brad Rawlins SC
 Public Relations and Communications  Dan Sisco SC     
 Public Relations and Communications  Samuel Smedley SC     
 Real Estate  Kathy Brammer SC     
 Real Estate   Jeff Chapman SC     
 Real Estate  Todd Davis SC    M 
 Real Estate  Brenda Hamstead SC     
 Real Estate  Bron Leatham SC     
 Real Estate  Aaron Lewis SC     
 Real Estate  Rob Orton SC  A  M 
 Real Estate  Jeff Reynolds SC    M 
 Real Estate  Pam Stevenson SC    
 Research  Dallin Cotterell SC     
 Restaurants  Craig Chugg SC    M
 Retail   Aaron Cleavinger SC     
 Retail   Deric Glissmeyer SC     
 Retail  Estella McCollum SC
 Retail   Kyle Nel SC     
 Retail  John Pearson SC    M 
 Retail   Micah West SC     
 Security and Investigations  Mark Willis SC     
 Semiconductors  Eli Trejo SC  A  M 
 Staffing and Recruiting  Michelle Badger SC     
 Staffing and Recruiting  Julianne Cameron SC     
 Staffing and Recruiting  Dayton Conway SC     
 Staffing and Recruiting  Jonathan Hansen SC     
 Staffing and Recruiting  David Hollingshaus SC     
 Staffing and Recruiting  Jay Jankowski SC     
 Staffing and Recruiting  Kevin Moody SC A  M
 Staffing and Recruiting  Richard Pedersen SC    M 
 Telecommunications  Dakota Dunne SC     
 Telecommunications  David Lemperle SC    M 
 Telecommunications  Travis Nolan SC     
 Venture Capital and Private Equity  Carolynn Duncan SC   M 
 Venture Capital and Private Equity  Jared Smith SC
 Writing and Editing  Danielle Thorne SC     
 *Super connector has a private LinkedIn profile.  Please connect via the Official BYU-Idaho Student and Alumni Network on LinkedIn.  Just enter the super connector's name in the member search box.