BYU-Idaho Top Networking Tips
  1. Make sure your profiles on BYUI Connect, LinkedIn and are complete and descriptive of your background and aspirations.
    • Include your picture
    • List education, past employers, affiliations, awards, and keywords related to jobs and activities
    • On LinkedIn, your professional headline should state your training and  aspirations, not just BYU-Idaho Student
      For example:  BYU-Idaho Accounting Student, or Aspiring Accounting Professional Studying at BYU-Idaho.
    • Enhance your search optimization by listing your professional aspirations several times on your LinkedIn profile.
    • Create a word cloud of your LinkedIn profile to identify key words.  Match these key words with your professional aspirations or posted job descriptions.
    • State clearly on  your LinkedIn profile if you are seeking an internship, job opportunity, or if you can provide a service.
    • Make it easy for recruiters or others to contact you by providing your phone number and e-mail.
    • Test where you show up in search results on LinkedIn and Google with a goal to be near the top of page 1 in your area of study or expertise. (note:  The Alumni Office can help you craft a profile that will make it easy for you to be FOUND).
  2. Join and be active in LinkedIn groups and follow companies of interest.  We strongly recommend the following LinkedIn groups:
  3. Build your personal network on LinkedIn.
    Set a goal to add at least 5 people a day with the ultimate goal of a network of 500+ connections.  As you build a deep and rich LinkedIn network, your search capacity will increase dramatically enabling you to FIND valuable connections and employment opportunities.  Also, the chances of you being FOUND in a search increases. To help in your endeavors, we have created a list of  alumni super connectors, all with very large networks.  All of these alumni have agreed to add as connections any current BYU-Idaho students or alumni. The table below illustrates the difference between modest and large networks:

       Before  After
     1 Your Connections
    1st connections on LinkedIn 
     77  541
     2 Two Degrees Away
    Friends of friends; each connected
    to one of your connections
     8,412  675,988
     3 Three Degrees Away
    Reach these users through a friend
    or using the LinkedIn Alumni Portal 
     245,789  47,583,273

  4. Participate in discussions.
    Share your insights and answers to questions on discussion boards, especially those related to your  professional aspirations. Demonstrate your knowledge and desire to contribute.  Here are links to the most active discussion centers for BYU-Idaho on LinkedIn and Facebook:
  5. Use advanced search tools on LinkedIn and BYUI Connect. 
    Both LinkedIn and BYUI Connect allow you to search by job title, company name, and other universities.  When searching for BYU-Idaho alumni on LinkedIn, please remember to type "Brigham University-Idaho" in quotes and to also search for BYU-Idaho, and Ricks College.  The new LinkedIn Alumni Portal provides a simpler way to FIND and seek connections.
  6. Promote your blog and/or website on LinkedIn and Facebook.  If you have a website, include the URL in all posts and comments online. This will improve your capacity to be FOUND on Google.
  7. Be professional:
    • Grammar is important
    • People will look at your Facebook profile
    • What does your picture say about you?
  8. Include your LinkedIn public profile everywhere.
    • On your blog
    • Homepage
    • Facebook Profile
    • E-mail signature
  9. Be considerate of your networking connections and especially BYU-Idaho Mentors time.
    • Do your homework before making requests
    • Do not ask mentors to respond to a long list of questions
    • Be professional and brief
    • When making phone calls, be aware of the time of day (not late, not during FHE, etc.)
  10. Express your sincere gratitude and do so quickly.
    • By e-mail
    • Thank you cards
    • In person
    • Follow-up with a report of your success
We would love to hear your feedback, ideas, and suggestions.  Please send an e-mail to Alumni Director Steve Davis at