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President Clark-New Students

August 2013

Ross Baron

August 2013

"A Faithful and Wise Steward: Preparing for a Successful BYU-Idaho Experience" President Clark addresses new students and alumni, discussing legacy topics and taking questions from incoming freshmen and parents.

"Lessons from the Book of Mormon on the Character of God" Brother Ross Baron, a fBYU-Idaho Religion Professor, teaches about the nature of God the Father during a session of BYU-Idaho Education Week 2013.

Randy Hayes

March 2013

Dale Sturm

June 2013

Brother Hayes takes you from Lehi to Moroni and Jerusalem to Cumorah in just 60 minutes. This energetic and entertaining explanation of the Book of Mormon is sure to help build your testimony of the book and of Christ.

Brother Dale Sturm, Chair of the Department of Religious Education, shares with us common misconceptions Latter-day Saints have about studying the scriptures and ideas on how to enrich our personal scripture study experience.

President Clark-Ed Week

August 2013

President Clark

December 2012

"Humility and Hard Work: The Spiritual Legacy of BYU-Idaho" President Clark talks about the legacy of BYU-Idaho and Ricks College during his Friday devotional at BYU-Idaho Education Week 2013.

President Clark explains the expansion of Pathway and the blessings it brings members of the LDS Church all over the world. Much of the time is spent answering questions from the live audience and questions submitted from online viewers.

Cheryl C. Lant

August 2013

"Walk in the Light" Sister Cheryl C. Lant, Former General Primary President, addresses the Education Week crowd during the opening event of BYU-Idaho Education Week 2013.

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