The primary purpose of BYU-Idaho Ambassadors is to connect with and welcome new BYU-Idaho students prior to their arrival on-campus or matriculation into any degree program.  The principals objectives are listed below, along with a diagram illustrating how our alumni volunteers (Ambassadors and Mentors) assist students and alumni.
  1. Serving as local contacts/liaisons for prospective, admitted, and registered first-year students
  2. Connecting with first-year students and their parents by hosting a pre-arrival welcome event (i.e. personal in home visit, cottage meeting, etc.)

To see a directory of current ambassadors, please click on the map below:

    If you are interested in volunteering as a BYU-Idaho Ambassador, please contact Steve Davis at 1-800-537-2586 (LDS-ALUM) or send an e-mail to We are actively seeking alumni volunteers in all areas..
    Current Ambassadors can access our current online training support  by clicking here.